S-wallet's SWP Token and it's features

SWP is a token created by the S-Wallet ecosystem and operates on the Binance Smart Chain network.

Swp is Registered on coingecko and listed in several exchangers like:uniswap,pancakeswap,Hotbit,and more…

You can Get the most out of your S-Wallet with your SWP token 💥🙌💪
Facilities that the SWP token gives

🔹 Opportunity to participate in S-PAD

🔹 Reward Pool Nomination and Rewards

🔹 Discount on commissions for individual users

🔹 Discount on commissions for corporate users 
Directions in which you can use the SWP token

✔️ Staking Pool S-Wallet

✔️ IDO Programs in S-PAD

✔️ S-Wallet for business

✔️ Lending Platform (lending system)

✔️ Reward Pool

Token smart contract address:0xe0648e1d220f8449769a4557498af6f1211368c4

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Cryptocurrency exchange using S-wallet

One of the functions of S-wallet is exchange of cryptocurrency.

Below is a step by step instruction on how to Exchange cryptocurrency within S-wallet App.

👌Step 1

Log in to your personal S-wallet Account

👌Step 2

Click on "Exchange" in the S wallet page👇

👌Step 3

Select the cryptocurrency you want to give for Exchange 👇



💳 S-Wallet depositing with bank card

💥 Dear cryptocommunity, we hasten to inform you that S-Wallet has added the possibility to buy cryptoassets with Visa and Mastercard bank cards.

📌 How to top up S-Wallet:
1️⃣ Log in to your personal account;
2️⃣ Go to "Get" and select the desired asset;
3️⃣ Select "Visa/Mastercard" in the "Transfer network" column
4️⃣ Select the currency that will be debited from the card;
5️⃣ Enter the amount;
6️⃣ Read and agree to the risks, then press the "Deposit" button;
7️⃣ In the opened window follow the service instructions to complete the payment.

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My impressions on S-wallet mobile app
Wow!😍 I was so impressed the first time I used S-wallet mobile app,so easy in making transactions and super fast in seconds you are just done...I was like wow! What a Great mobile App💃💃

#S-Wallet mobile app# is the best




Benefits of S-Wallet Mobile app:
S-Wallet mobile app is now available💃

S-Walletmobile app is a simple software that allows you to access your personal wallet at any time and from anywhere.

It has alot of benefits here are some👇👇

*Storage of assets

*Speed:it's super fast and transactions can be done in seconds



*User-friendly interface

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