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Substitute “people” for “women.”

Just as true.

But, with group and identity politics, it’s gone to the next level.

A form of art. A way of life.

Declare a “victim” class (based on any means possible of invidiously distinguishing between *one* group … and *another* group) and the obligatory class “war.”

Race. So-called “gender.”

Age. Social class (“rich” vs “poor”).

“People,” in general, manifesting an inherent and increasingly destructive (in the long run) obsession with “Me! Me!” is not sensational. It doesn’t provide “red meat” for the demagogues like Al Sharpton, or David Duke.

But, create a narrative where focus is on the “_______” class of so-called victimizers … and, then, anything less than total damnation (or so it seems) of said “victimizer group” is literally seen as and conflated with being … evil.


They … good!

You … ???

White … evil.

Man? Evil.

“Republican?” Evil.

Heterosexual? Evil.

This, just in: we’re ALL evil.


What am I going to do about it?

HINT: That’s for me to ask — myself.

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