Voted for Trump? I have only one plea.

When you said, “I believe you,” I believed you. That’s the only reason I kept on reading and didn’t “click” out of here.

Then you had to ruin it all by saying what you really wanted, what you really expected, and what you really meant.

I don’t have to “prove” anything to anybody, or in your words, “everybody … wrong.”

You are *already* “wrong” when you do that — dictate the narrative so that *anybody* who doesn’t look like you, walk like you, talk like you and THINK like you … needs to prove that *everybody* is “wrong” to think terribly uncharitable and ugly things — about me.

This is America, right? Or has it — already — become Amerika?

Besides, I’m White. And it seems that to a large number of (certainly not *all*) those on the “left,” that makes me “racist,” no matter what, right?

I voted for Trump. Pure. Simple.

I have nothing to prove. Nothing to hide. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Hillary lost the election because of Hillary.

Until the (typical) smug, elitist liberal “gets” that, there will be more elections like this to follow.

But, don’t take my word for it. Just keep on believing that people such as myself (whether they are White, like me, or poor and homeless, like me) have anything — at all — to prove.

HINT: They (“those people”) don’t. I don’t.

I’m hanging up now.


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