Jessica, stop.
Nancy M Ruff

YES, she *did* fail.

I took offense.

That’s all the proof you need — my being offended. Right?

Or, what, only Hillary supporters (thus, on some “moral high ground,” right?) can *ever* feel offended?

Sorry, but, no, you *still* don’t get it, do you?

I was offended. I have a right to be offended.

Or, do *only* those who think *just* like you have the right to be offended?

That’s basically the crux of this whole “divide” thing; some people seem to believe that only *they* have the right to be offended.

Sorry, but, no, that’s not fair.

IF “fair” and “right” are *really* that important to you (and the author), then, well, it’s *not* right and it’s *not* fair that *I* cannot be offended by some sanctimonious, snooty, holier-than-thou *anybody* [fill in the blank with political/ideological point of view of choice] telling *me* that *I* have to “prove” anything — simply because I *voted* a certain way or for a certain candidate.

Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

They have a word for it: hypocrisy.

Textbook example of the “left’s” hypocrisy? Hillary standing by “her man” (serial grope-ster and misogynist — par excellence — William Clinton) and throwing the “bimbos” who had the audacity to “accuse” him under the bus.

Again, you just … don’t … get it.

Hillary lost because of Hillary.

She ain’t no “Thatcher” or “Albright” or “Merkel” by any means.

IF she were, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Yet, to hear the average “SJW” tell it, *I* am a “misogynist” because I voted “Trump.” Oh, the unfairness of it all. “Men are scared of Hillary — because she’s a WOMAN!”

Stop it! STOP!

Racism this. Racism that. Oh, I forgot xenophobia. That’s right, as a descendant of immigrants (legal immigrants), I’m “xenophobic” because … because … I have a strong (very strong) and negative opinion of ILLEGAL immigration? Do people “like you” ever really think about … *what* you think? And what you believe?


Figure it out. Please! Look in the mirror. There, you will find the answer to *why* a poor, homeless guy who hates racism, hates misogyny and hates xenophobia would … ever … vote … for Trump.

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