Just over a year ago my wife came home from a “class” on essential oils. She was so excited to buy some, but being that we were practically broke and all, she just bought Lemon Oil to try. Little did I know that her attendance would change our lives for the better.

She wanted to save up and purchase more oils so I helped scrape up some extra funds so she could buy the premium starter kit. When the oils arrived it was like Christmas all over again. I was glad that she liked them and figured the newness would eventually wear off.

Like many husbands, I was a skeptic, but I did not tease her too much as I too was somewhat intrigued with the oils. I started using the Lemon Oil in my water. It was refreshing and actually helped curb my appetite for sweet things. It also helped me curb my desire for soda. I also struggle with allergies, and my wife had a solution to try. Well it worked! It still took me a while to come around, but I did and now carry my own man-bag of oils.

Over a year and a half later, my wife is still passionate about sharing the oils, and it’s a true joy to show her support. She gets to do what she loves in that she helps others and loves being connected with people. From a practical perspective it has helped our family get through a very difficult financial time. I am forever thankful that she went to that “class” because our family is healthier, more hopeful and overall it feels good to truly help others.

If you would like to know more watch this video. If you are interested in ordering the premium kit feel free to contact my wife Lora.

Brandon and Lora Gott, Member #1529616

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