Intro to microbiome DNA sequencing

Howdy! Now that the idea of a microbiome is a bit more concrete, you may be wondering — how do we even tell which bacteria are present, and in what relative proportions?

Enter microbiome DNA sequencing! As of today, this is the most reliable method for assessing microbiomes — specifically the gut.

Fun fact: If you have ever swabbed the inside of your cheek and sent it into a lab to learn about your ancestry or your DNA-based genetic health, then you’re already familiar first-hand with the process! One big difference though: with human DNA sequencing, we are decoding one…

In our inaugural post we mentioned a few amazing facts about dogs’ microbiomes. But, first things first, what is the microbiome? Perhaps this word sounds vaguely familiar? It is frequently discussed in the science community, sometimes under the sometimes under the term microflora, which only partly describes the amazingness of what makes up microbiomes!

In general, the microbiome refers to the ecosystem of bacteria and other microorganisms living on or inside an animal. There can be many microbiomes in a single animal, including the gut, skin, and mouth. Both humans and dogs have microbiome communities like this! …

We would love for this to serve as a valuable resource during your pet parent journey.

So, what exactly is BarkBiome? BarkBiome is the result of our first-hand experience as dog moms trying to navigate the messy reality of our dogs’ digestion issues. Over the last three years we found a support system in each other and, ultimately, enough collective frustration and research hours that we decided there had to be a smarter, more insightful way to understand the cause of Sam and Kali’s symptoms and devise a plan to help remedy them.

Most dogs will suffer from digestive issues…


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