Getting the Band Back Together and Setting the Stage for the Season Finale

Plus Westeros has a transporter, beam me up Bronn!

After years of cheering for Dany to make it to Westeros, it’s hard to see her becoming a poor leader. She rashly went to battle last week, this week she was fine with doling out justice with no mercy. In doing so, Dany also broke one of the shows cardinal rules coined by Ned back in season 1; “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” Since the Starks are the moral compass of the show, I think we are supposed to feel Dany is in error here. If she was a true leader, she would have carried out the death sentence herself rather than using her dragon to inflict a particularly cruel and painful death.

The man who passes the sentence, swings the sword.

Bronn pulls Jamie out of the River. They rapidly agree Cersei and all her purchased armies cannot defeat Dany and her dragons. They are also super freaked out by the Dothraki, who don’t wage war, they do it for sport. If only they’d listened to Robert Baratheon back in season one, “Only a fool would meet the Dothraki in an open field.” The rag tag team remainders of the Lannister army bend the knee to Dany after seeing her burn leaders Randall and Dickon Tarly alive. I guess that makes Cersei the fool who thought she could beat Dany, her dragons, and her Dothraki.

This episode moves along at an absurdly fast pace, setting the board for the penultimate episode and season finale. In the process, long awaited meetings take place. I’ve been rooting for Tyrion and Bronn to get back together for ages, their meeting is sadly brief as Bronn tricks Jaimie into talking with his brother. Jaimie and Tyrion’s reunion is full of pent up emotion. Should Jamie throttle his brother for murdering his father? Or embrace his long lost friend? They work through their emotion and get to business — can Cersei and Dany put aside their differences to figure out whether or not the Army of the Dead exists? Yes.

An apparently pregnant Cersei is the all knowing ruler over Kings Landing. She’s livid at Jamie for meeting with their little “brother” (I didn’t know you could say brother with so much spite?). She agrees to the meeting with Dany because she has no other choice. She and Jaimie embrace; Jaimie is excited for their child, but Cersei cuts it short when she says, “Don’t ever betray me again.”

This is why Jaimie survived his trip in the River; his and Cersei’s love story is not yet done and we are beginning to see their relationship fracture. I anticipate we’ll see Jaimie waver more. In season one, he pushed a child out of a window for Cersei, what other evil lengths will he go to for his twin? What is his breaking point? Right now, Jamie looks exhausted I think he and his salt and pepper beard would happily retire to Casterly Rock. But, Cersei’s need for power will never allow him to drop the quest.

The visit to King’s Landing also reintroduces Gendry, the last living Baratheon bastard. Davos and Gendry’s reuniting allows for some comic relief; Davos says “I thought you’d still be rowing,” in deadpan. Gendry takes up his hammer and is ready to join the fight, it’s apparently the moment he’s been waiting for.

Remember this guy? Apparently, he fights with a hammer now like his dad.

The decision to capture a white walker seems crazy, but it offers an opportunity to bring together two wandering storylines: Jon Snow & Company and The Brothers Without Banners/the Hound. Together, this rag tag band of men will venture North of the Wall to capture a wight and return it to the two queens of Westeros for examination. Jon gets to prove a point and we get to see a hopefully super cool fight with white walkers.

Stray Observations:

  • Arya and Littlefinger: Round 1, 1 Point for Littlefinger. Next up, Round 2, Arya brings out Needle?
  • “Are you going to punish Bronn? What? No Cersei, no one is going to punish Bronn.
  • Cersei’s prego! And totally cool with telling the world that the baby belongs to Jaimie!
  • Let’s place bets on who will become a Wight…Gendry? Maybe with his Baratheon blood he will end up taking over from the Night King!
  • Not super clear on the wight lore, but it seems like they could just kill someone they don’t really like near the wall and that person would wake up as an ice zombie.
  • Sam drops out of Hogwarts. He also ignores a super important detail read by Gilly — Jon Snow is a legitimate heir to the throne! When is Dany going to bend the knee to him?
  • I’m really sad that we didn’t get to watch Tyrion and Bronn blissfully reunite, get drunk, and check out the whorehouse. I really just want them to revisit their frat boy days in Kings Landing.
  • Farwell Dickon, son of Randall, we knew ye too little.
Rest in Peace Dickon.