The Importance of CRN Registrations

According to the Canadian laws and norms, every pressure vessel, boiler, and pressure fitting installed in any industry of this country, needs to possess a Canadian Registration Number (CRN).This number is issued by each province or territory of Canada.If a pressure vessel, boiler, and pressure fitting bear a CRN number, then it signifies that the design has been accepted and registered for use in that province or territory. It certifies the quality, safety, and genuineness of the equipment. The primary purpose of issuing this number is to avert the possibility of disasters that certain industrial equipment can cause.The design and specifications of the equipment are approved by the Canadian authorities, which examine the equipment. When the authorities are satisfied with the design and other specifications of the equipment, they issue a CRN number to it.

Providers of CRN registration services

Earlier a huge amount of trouble was involved in getting the CRN but now, this process has been eased by the involvement of many service providers who render the services of CRN Registration. They design the pressure vessels and get the necessary paperwork done for the attainment of CRN Registration.These service providers work in close coordination with their client and the Canadian authorities. A credible provider of CRN registration services emphasizes on systematic execution, timeliness, excellence, and reliable performance. They are well-versed with the standards and norms laid down by the industry and put the best of their efforts for abiding them.

The split up of the CRN is as follows-

It consists of a letter, four digits, and a decimal point followed by up to ten digits and three letters. The first letter and four digits are part of a sequential numbering system used by the issuing province or territory. The first digit or letter to the right of the decimal point indicates the province that issued the particular number.This registration number needs to be renewed from time to time. This renewal period may differ on the basis of the equipment.

The manufacturer or importer of a pressure vessel, boiler, or pressure fitting can get multiple units under one registered design unless the Code or regulations invalidate the design or restrict the number of units that can be engineered on the basis of approved design. The Canadian authorities charge a fee for processing a design. The fees charged by them depends on various factors like the size of the boiler or pressure vessel, the intricacy of the design, the time consumed by the authorities for analyzing the design, and much more. This fee is charged in both the cases i.e. acceptance or rejection of the design.

Thus, we can conclude that CRN registration is mandatory for all the pressure fitting operating in Canada.