Go Wild For Life

June 5th we celebrate World Environment Day, whose aim is to inspire as many people as posible to protect our planet.

In 2016, the theme is Go Wild For Life. The idea behind is to raise awareness about endangered species and take action to protect them. This year, the host country is Angola.

Illegal wildlife trade is eroding Earth’s biodiveristy and pushing whole species towards extintion. Not to mention that massacres and smuggling are fuelling organized crime and feeding corruption in many countries, especially in developing ones.

Elephants, rinhos, tigers, gorillas, turtles… some sub-species have become extinct, others are about to.

Maybe we don’t think about it very often, but many plants are also dissapearing.

Facts About Illegal Wildlife Trade

Source: WED 2016

Overhunting of elephants has lead to new generations with smaller tusks or no tusks at all in Mozambique. During the Civil War, close to 12 thousand elephants were butchered, as guerrillas exchanged tusks for weapons.

This phenomenon has also been observed in Zambia, Kenya and Uganda.

What Can I Do?

You can celebrate World Environment Day in different ways. What really matters is to get the message accross.

Some proposals from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are: crafts exhibitions, film festivals, competitions, demonstration activities, drama and poetry, online and social media activities, sports activities and so on.

You can also name a giant sable.

The giant sable is a rare sub-species of sable antelope only found in Angola. In July, some of the last 100 antelopes will recibe a radio-collar so rangers can track them and protect them. The first three animals will also receive a name. You can participate here.

And remember: spread the word!