What the fuck is a Verrit?

This weekend we were treated to the rare tweet from the machine that incomprehensibly has chosen to stick with “Her” and operate Clinton’s twitter account (I refuse to believe she can be bothered to write these missives herself) encouraging us to join a new platform, “Verrit.” Verrit is Peter and Leela Daou’s very own Frankenstein monster- part reddit, part ShareBlue, and entirely insane- purportedly serving as “media for the 65.8 million” who voted for Hillary Clinton last fall in the election that never should have been.

Verrit is clunky and awkward- as visually unappealing as it is intellectually dishonest, and rife with opinions presented as facts by grace only of a serial number at the bottom of the quote or article presented by which you can “authenticate” it. (as far as I can tell the authentication process is just confirming the source exists outside Verrit, a media infant.) It’s a sham, but as all shams Clinton and Clinton-crony related tend to be, it is a dangerous one.

There is so much wrong with Verrit, on its face, that it’s hard to know where to begin, so let’s start here: The hashtag stillwithher crowd has already been allowed to live in a bubble for the last two years. Their mental safe-space exists nearly everywhere you look- in the “Russia scandal” which has perniciously attached to any Bernie supporter clear-headed enough to determine that Clinton’s values did not align with their own (let’s not even get into how this beast was used to tarnish Jill Stein’s reputation- that’s at least another full article) to the healthcare debate, to the lie that Sanders’ supporters were primarily sexist and racist white men.

These groundless arguments are still out there, and while these lies may receive some pushback on places like Reddit or Twitter, the Daous have generously offered the stillwithhers a Berniebro (and Trump voter) free zone, so they can continue the ugly cacophony of lies away from the offending truth tellers attempting in vain to wrest their heads from the sand.

Already Verrit has published the absolute gem “Sanders and the Mainstream Media Helped Put Trump in the White House” which opens to a heinously unattractively large grey quote “12% of Sanders supporters cast their vote for Trump, not Clinton” with the “Verrit Fact authentication” code 0116114…so you know with all those arbitrary numbers it’s got to be true. As if it needs to be said, more Clinton supporters swung for McCain in ’08. There is no proof that Sanders supporters “helped put Trump in the white house” but hat doesn’t stop the entrepreneurial Dauos from using their garbage dump of a site from publishing the claim.

Peter Daou also helpfully includes an article which expounds upon the lie, and then, as is apparently the Verrit way, uses a bunch of his own tweets which I guess he believes further substantiate it.

I cannot stress enough what a visual mess this website is, what a hideous un-navigable mish-mash of other platforms inexpertly jammed together in an obvious and artless attempt to foist propaganda on a public who is already ingesting more than their daily dose from pretty much every other media platform. It is both optically and ethically an ugly disaster.

Verrit may be the exact opposite of we need to see in the world today. It is a mental crutch for the already intellectually weak, an echo-chamber of deafening magnitudes. Safe-spaces are not a place for ideas. Ideas grow weak, wither, and die when they are not strengthened and honed against opposition, which I guess is the point. All the ideas floating around there are baseless, and worthless, and can only survive on life support. My point is, it is time to pull the plug and start a conversation for real about the things we need to change in the world today. Verrit is no place to start.

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