How Gamification Can Save us from Apathy and how to “game for good”
Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis

Okay, well, here’s the contrarian viewpoint.

“The news” is just another World of Warcraft, and following it and getting it right does not really improve you. I say this as someone who followed it religiously from 2001–2004. I watched news 12 hours a day, and knew who all the major players were and who all the journalists were. I knew all the debates and arguments over every major topic of the day. But it didn’t really change my life for the better. It seemed “important” but didn’t actually give my life any meaning. Quitting it made me more productive in things that actually mattered.

In 2013 I gave up politics entirely due to the divide, and I can confidently say I’m enjoying life a lot more than the people who are involved. They are all super angry and upset over things they can do absolutely nothing about. It’s destroying them. Meanwhile I’m 53 and I play about an hour of Rocket League every day. So much fun. I advise people who are all involved in news and politics to try Rocket League. I guarantee it will give you just as much meaning in life as the news.