A Millennial’s Thoughts on Fatherhood After Two Sleepless Weeks In
Dave Schools

Congrats on the new baby Dave Schools!

So I’m in the same boat. Our baby is a week old today. Mom and I are “elder” millennials.

Everything has been going much better than anticipated. He just sleeps all day, rarely cries, and is a genuinely awesome. Mom is sleeping great and I am only slightly restless. It’s all stuff we can handle and at no point feel overwhelmed.

Maybe I’ll jinx it by writing this out…Hopefully not...

I just don’t see what all the fuss is about.

Maybe it’s mindset. Everyone tells you to prepare for some sleepless, stressful, exhausting times. If that’s what you’re expecting to happen, then sure, it will probably happen.

Maybe it’s financial stress. If you aren’t financial secure, the pressure of a baby along with the financial burden (cost and losing an income) could most definitely add to the stress and put people overboard.

We do pretty good financially so that pressure isn’t there.

Maybe it’s diet. Mom has high blood pressure so she was watched carefully. But she ate, and eats, super clean, avoiding junk food, gluten, sugar, etc. In the end, the birth went smoothly (all things considered) and she feels good a week after birth.

Maybe it’s stress stress. We’re both laidback people so the baby probably picks up on it. We didn’t read too many books, so instead of worrying about every single detail, we went with the flow and lived life normally.

Maybe we’re just lucky with this one.

But at the same time, we’ve prepared.