American Horror Story
Laurie Penny

As a sane, adult, lifelong American citizen, I am saying without equivocation: “We’re screwed.”

Voting for “the lesser of two evils” is less true than voting for “the more politically savvy of two equal evils.” Hillary and Trump will both screw us over to attain personal privilege and power, Hillary will probably just be sneakier about it than Trump will. What really gets me is that former president Bill Clinton will be taking his $200,000 lifelong salary and adding that to his wife’s $200,000 lifelong salary if she wins and adding that to their $120 million net worth, because she’s the person “who’s against the 1% of wall street”. The Charismatic Southern Baptist DNC revival sickens me as much as the RNC “fuck everybody else” rhetoric. Feel-good emotional propaganda is the kind of stuff that incipient dictators use to get into office. As a citizen, we’re getting the same thing from both major parties AND IT SICKENS ME.

What’s worse is that this pattern isn’t unique. <a href=””>Why Democracies evolve into dictatorships</a> is an interesting case in point.

So, which dictator will Americans elect into office? Loud, crude and obvious or slick, sly and vindictive?

We’re screwed either way.