Death Penalty: Religion

On February 18, 2017 Philippine Catholics had a rally in opposition to President Rodrigo who wants to bring the death penalty to combat illegal drugs. According to a pew research article nearly half of all religious people support the death penalty. This divide is crucial because if mainline churches lean in one direction its followers are likely to follow and with nearly half of religious people believing in the death penalty there is a lot of wiggle room on where you stand.

Religious leaders are now able to fight the death penalty. Pope Francis is against the death penalty. He believes that being Catholic means being pro-life but in all aspects of life he even said the death penalty “an inhumane measure that, regardless of how it is carried out, abases human dignity” The church has always been against the death penalty but Pope Francis is the first Pope to be vocal on the issue.

Old believes when it came to the death penalty that if a government ordered it then it was legal because god instituted all governing authorities. One example was Romans 13 People for the death penalty often cite the old testament and its use of the death penalty to punish a variety of different crimes. The old testament used the death penalty for adultery, murder, premarital sex and practicing a different religion. As society evolved we did away with the death penalty for everything else but we kept it for the most sever crime murder.

I agree most with Pope Francis because the death penalty does not seem like a necessary thing and if you are religious then you should practice forgiveness not vengeance. And if your argument is that the death penalty stops those people from committing future crime then you are forgetting that they will be in jail and unable to hurt any others.

I am not religious now but I grow up catholic and attended a private school for Catholicism and I still believe that while the death penalty sounds good it is murder to take another’s live in the name of vengeance. In general, the death penalty is not looked kindly on by religious groups.

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