Barnabas Me

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Love Has Won

Some thoughts from Ali Scott inspired by the fifth track from Part One. Part One is free on NoiseTrade.

Hebrews 7:23–27

O What Love!

The fourth in a series by Ali Scott on the tracks from Part One — available for free on NoiseTrade.

2 Corinthians 12:9–10 & Psalm 147:3

You Are

Ali Scott shares thoughts on the third track from Part One — available for free on NoiseTrade.

Isaiah 40:12–14, 25–31

For All Eternity

Thoughts on the second track from Part One, courtesy of Ali Scott. Part One is available to download for free from NoiseTrade.

Salvation & Glory

Musings on track 1 from Part One courtesy of Ali Scott. Part One is available for free on NoiseTrade.

Part One

Why our music is free the second time around.

In celebration of the forthcoming release of our first book, The Secret House Tour, we are reissuing our 2013…

Academic theology, music & worship.

A guest post from Alex Rowe

Academic theology,

music & worship?

We got rid of our website

- how we learnt a lesson on staying focussed -

We had a lovely website. It was useful too; a space we could use to promote ourselves and…

The home (part 1)

What does the Bible say?

We will soon be publishing a book on The Secret House Tour — something that we believe is a God given concept to help people…

Small is beautiful. And so are people.

A guest post from Matt McChlery

Matt leads a team of musicians based in a church community in East Anglia, UK. Here are some