My Andela Boot Camp 13 Team

Like the adage goes “What one can do, two can do better”, the Andela boot camp and the rest of the company’s work is built around teams.

This is a short blog about my amazing team during week one of the Andela boot camp 13.

To begin with, the person that owes me a game at FIFA, Derrick Sekidde. He is a Civil Engineer who has decided not to build with bricks and cement anymore but with a keyboard and fingers by making a career shift into software development. He is a soft spoken lad with great interest in art, specifically color paintings (I don’t even know what paintings do or do not have color). He also plays a lot of video games and it is for this reason that he owes me a match or two at FIFA(my favorite soccer game).

On to the lover of shopping, Daisy Obura, who loves shopping so much she claims it’ll be the fall of her. When she is not coding and doing what “will be the fall of her”, she makes jewelry and makes sure she makes everything she touches looks better than it did before — and I mean everything including code. On that note, I needn’t mention her love for hair styling.

Who have I not mentioned yet? David Kaggulire, the lover of art, movies and all things with humor. He professes his love for animations like Boss Baby and others of the like. He is a very friendly person who loves to teach young children a lot about music — well, code as well.

And who is the conductor of this orchestra of coders? Jamillah Mayombwe. Have you ever met a new person but feel like you’ve always known them? Well Jamie gives you this same vibe with her very calm reassuring statements about this frightening yet exciting boot camp experience. She will gladly give you appropriate, prompt feedback and guide you on how to go around things that might seem like aliens to you.

The rest of the team, you’ll have to pay subscription for — wink.

And together we are Good Fellas!