Presenting a Roadmap for the News Integrity Initiative
Molly de Aguiar

Noble goals, and quite challenging in a Blame Society where people seem to want to have their cake, eat it too, not get fat, have someone else pay the bills — and if they can’t, it’s the dastardly media and government’s fault.

Cognitive dissonance rules, in other words. Often in the same posted comments: “What an idiot! He must have been texting his girlfriend! My condolences to the family.” Schizophrenia run amok.

The more interactivity with the community, the sharper the divide comes into view, and if we’re writing about one side, the other side says we’re biased. (Worst thing we can do to folks is quote them accurately, sometimes;-)

I moderate, by myself, about 13,000 Disqus comments a month on our small-market TV station Website. Sure, a lot of it is the regulars just slapping each other ad infinitum. But others who wouldn’t dare speak up are regular readers and find it entertaining — and I daresay, the margin of victory for Mr. Trump may well have been those who thought he’d be far more entertaining to watch or listen to for four years than his foe.

So best of luck in navigating a new path. I have grand visions of my own, but I’ve flogged that so many places here and elsewhere of late, I’m sounding like a one-trick pony. But for those who care:

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