Who Does Journalism?
Ross Barkan

You make some very valid points, Ross. It’s the old “Information wants to be free, but I want a raise” conundrum. But we drown in news today — a lot of it repetitive, 15 push alerts for the same thing. And an abundance of content devalues the content.

I think govt. subsidy is a lousy idea. It brings all sorts of new problems for both of the main targets in today’s Blame Society, which believes we’re in bed with each other anyway. To make it more of a literal reality will devalue both professions and the plunging trust in them even further than they already are.

No, we have to find new ways to find value in information. New philosophies, platforms, solutions. One I’ve been kicking around is to break down the silos between now-journalism and the rich depth and curation of literature, a melding of sorts — along with the social interaction we are so used to elsewhere. I call it the Now Edition.

I imagine on topics of interest, that experts don’t write static, soon-very-old “books” — another reason I bet you eschew e-readers. Why in 2017 are we buying electronic replicas of instantly dated books, then have to go elsewhere for the latest on… ISIS, drones, etc.? And then a third place to talk about it, suggest the writer(s) is right on or nuts, etc.? What if they were all in one place, one platform, as easy to use as Facebook, but … a great melding of wiki, blog, book, Website, app and the book?

I actually think it’s inevitable, though getting there through the minefields of monetizing, rights etc. will be as tall an order as the self-driving car — and just as society-changing, IMHO.

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