Leonardo da Vinci- Philosophy for change

Human Beings

The story about us…..

We are one of the smartest creatures God has ever created. One thing for ages despite periodical evolution is that, we have never been perfect, we are imperfectly perfect. We both have stronger part and weakest part. Yes we are stronger at one side but weak at the other side. But people forget about it. You will be loved, gain friends because of the strong side that many people choose to see and care . People will praise you for that. And our likes will always want to see that side of you only. But that is not possible…

They forget sometimes we fail to the best of what most people expect us to, because of our weakness. And it is our side B of who we real are. By that we give people chance to talk of it, badly. They forget I am weak, We are weak; you are weak at some point. Brave mind is always striving to give the best they can but is never guaranteed and when they fail, are quick at apologizing. We fail because we have our own limit whether we know it or we don’t.

Also people should understand that nobody is perfect (Personally, I don’t want to be perfect) so we make series of mistakes. We need to forgive others and forget (though it’s a hard thing) we are born to grow physically and intellectually and always remember we live to learn.

We need to help one another in this journey

NB: This was originally written in August 2009.. unedited.

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