Barnraiser Partners with Changemakers in Good Food & Healthy Living to Build the Largest Collection of Products, People & Stories on the Internet

Barnraiser is announcing content partnerships to activate organizations as influential voices and experts on the Barnraiser Discover platform

San Francisco, CA (May 16, 2017) — Today Barnraiser announces partnerships with some of the top changemakers in the new food revolution including Organic Authority, Fairtrade America, MicroShiner and Food Craft Institute to expose new, engaging content on our recently announced discovery and recommendation platform. With curated information, trends and entertainment from each organization, visitors can continually discover and engage with a vast and growing amount of information (products, people and stories) that deeply connects them to their community, their values, their favorite organizations, and the food and beverages they enjoy.

To find out more about Barnraiser, create your profile and discover the world of good food and healthy living go to:

Each Barnraiser partner will have syndicated content, profiles and collections across Barnraiser Discover reaching an audience who deeply cares about good food and healthy living. Types of content include; curated Barnraiser collections and guides, organization’s “seal of approval” exclusive insights into sustainable food companies, educational content to help consumers make better food decisions and live healthier, and so much more! We’re actively expanding the community of people in the know, experts and tastemakers, who can network with each other and provide relevant recommendations to Barnraiser visitors.

Barnraiser’s authoritative partners include:

  • Organic Authority: Organic Authority is the leading digital publication that’s redefining what it means to live a conscious and healthy life in America today. We obsessively cover the latest trends and news in food, nutrition, wellness, natural beauty, and more. Our motto: Live Deliciously.
  • Fairtrade America: Fairtrade is an alternative approach to trade that empowers farmers, companies and consumers to share the benefits of trade more equally. Fairtrade America represents the international Fairtrade system in the United States. Our vision is a world in which all farmers and workers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods. Products carrying the Fairtrade label meet Fairtrade International’s rigorous social, economic and environmental standards.
  • MicroShiner: MicroShiner is a platform that connects people with craft spirits. Our mission is to introduce you to small, independent producers who share your values and allow you to express those ideals through the products you enjoy every day. To do that, we curate the very best in craft from around the globe and deliver it straight to your fingertips.
  • Food Craft Institute: Food Craft Institute (FCI) is a non-profit educational institution founded in 2011 with the mission to reshape the U.S. food landscape by creating a permanent sector of viable artisan food businesses.

We’re actively seeking partners to help us build the largest collection of good food and healthy living products, people and stories on the internet. If you, your organization, nonprofit, media outlet, guild, sustainable food brand, community kitchen, or incubator kitchen are interested in learning how you can partner with Barnraiser, please visit

“We’re meeting the needs of an entire generation who demand authenticity, connection and influence in food and health. Our work, together with our new partners, continues to expose consumers to the good food, farmers, food businesses, innovators, and tastemakers changing how we eat and live,” said Eileen Gordon, Barnraiser Founder and CEO.

“Barnraiser is the most complete source for the products, people and stories in our organic living movement — they’re a perfect partner to showcase our stories and trends,” said Laura Klein, Publisher and Editor in Chief at Organic Authority.


About Barnraiser

Barnraiser connects the disrupters (artisan food makers, farmers, chefs, and tastemakers) in good food and healthy living to the growing millions of people demanding better products and services. For millions of people who want better health for themselves and the planet, Barnraiser makes it easy to discover, share, and fund online or from a mobile device, the people changing how we farm, eat and live. On the Barnraiser platform makers and users alike continually discover more of what they love, stay on top of trends, connect with others and receive and provide recommendations.

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Partnerships Contacts:

Nicole DeMeo or Madeline Edwards