This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

Steve, you have made a valiant effort to explain your position with out the usual vitriol so thank you, this is almost a once in a life time event for me. I almost wonder if we could discuss say gun control with some one like you while disagreeing being able to explain our ideas to each other like civilized people? i find that idea almost too strange to believe but thanks for showing that spirit.

If you read this thanks for that and try to see what I’m writing as more a debate.

But as a Canadian I’ve spent my whole life from elementary school on with the trump version of the republican party being the logical end point in the Reagan strategy. For example I remember the aids crisis in high school and the fact that gay rights groups wearing silence equals death due to his inactivity were partitioning the government to do something, anything so it was not surprising that there has been huge effort to pretend like they cared at all as its effects are now understood and there attitude in preventing early containment clearer.

i remember our science teacher explaining why this was a insane strategy as disease doesn’t care if your gay or not, doesn’t care if your a junkie or not, it does what it does with out morality. Yet they had the gull to claim that it was a moral force, a purging gay cancer, that is until people every one loved like Rock Hudson or Magic Johnson got it, and that it spread like wild fire as there was no attempt to fire wall it.

this is just one example, but sadly the list is endless. I remember meeting two American guys my age [27] in 2002 at a coffee shop we asked them more just pleaded to have a understanding of how and why They thought it was a good idea to invade Iraq, there answers were like a fox news report that was again and again and again and again proven wrong. what was worse was the effect it had on the nuts in our version of the conservative party who wanted to “join in”, but later claimed they had seen the disaster so they had “chosen” to not do so.

These are just two examples but the list is endless. The sad hilarity of Reagan dog whistle racism is at lest out in the open with trump, but whats worse and to me this illustrated one of the core problems with so called republican ideals was the “welfare queens” speech of Reagan. The person he used as the basis of that speech was a career criminal, a major Chicago crime lady, with multiple offenses etc. But she was used for the average metric of a welfare recipient. How many poor people had there lives go from bad to worse because of this cruel indifference?

Or the general middle American republican version of how the war on drugs was A ok until their neighbors, kids, wife’s, husbands etc started to be addicted in staggering number to so called legal drugs then it was “hey hey show some compassion this need help not enforcement….”

Why does it matter to me? One, your our neighbor for better or worse so at the end of the day we have no choice, its like sleeping next to a crazy frat guy who is armed and Oxycontin addicted.

Two the real possibility that Trump will get in and set the world on fire again, doubling down on the crazy. At this point even with out changing or adding any more crazy rhetoric what do you think other nations will do? An example would be both China and Malaysia see hes winning and start to sell off there US treasury bonds etc Muslim nations on mass start this. Mean while all ISIS has to do is show his face and countless people step forward to prepare for battle and to spread chaos faster and faster.

How some one who made millions off of sell off American jobs has the gall to stand there and talk trade imbalance is beyond my understanding….

The lies you tell each other as American don’t work out side your country. Yes lot of places have climate deniers but no where out side of the US do they control the story.

Your use of drones will bite back in the future as your nation has set precedent with out think it thought. In the 1950s the Eisenhower administration agonized over the legal precedent of spy satellites and soviets negated that with the sputnik fly overs, in there eagerness they forget this, so within a few years spy satellites are doing flyovers. I can see in a few years a Chinese disposable drone armed with a rail gun [most likely a missile but this is a interesting concept of zero collateral damage] will kill a Chinese dissident in say LA then just switch off and fall into the ocean in international waters. You will have no legal recourse as this is what your doing all over the planet.

Again thanks for opening. A dialogue but none of this current election is surprising, as Joe Rogan said in a comedy routine during the bush era as a fictitious republican strategist “I think we can go dumber.”

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