Takei objected to reboot Sulu being significantly different from original series Sulu because he…

Thanks for commenting. I’m a little unclear on your over all point. but i think your backing this idea up. I really wanted Star Trek to go back to the idea of science/mystery/exploring, and make a really radical new version, but so far not so much. This would give them a edge as trying to out star war / star war’s is a losing battle. And the teaser for the new TV streaming show does nothing to give me hope, as the ship is from the 1970s, a beautiful old Ralph Maquarrie design, but really dated.

Sulu in a relationship would have been great and that would be more ideal, I hated the Spock Uhura thing, which felt forced and kind of off, Spock is about denial, what ever his feeling for her he would resist them, that's part of the character. Sulu was always kind of swashbuckling and would have been better in this dynamic personality and kind of fit that meme of staring john cho.

But i would love if they came up with some new character say something similar to a gay version of ilia from sttmp. Or something better then that, but make it a 3d person and don’t kill them off cheaply would be my only requirements.

They shouldn't be awesome awesome I would prefer more depth, humanity to someone perfect. One thing i really like now days is weird stuff like the scenes in “Being Mary Jane” of her on the toilet, or a mountain of great human moments in “Orange is the new black” of failure or fucking up, Seeing the UFC female MMA fighters without make up. these may seem silly, or fetishistic to some but there not, there great reminders of shared humanity. I would want that to be how they create this character, maybe with a sci fi edge, ie alien or a cyborg whatever. Just don't use an existing character and that it use the two rules i outlined above….

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