I Replaced The Word ‘Millennials’ With ‘43-Year-Old White Men’ And Now These Headlines Are *Italian…
Amanda Rosenberg

You can hate the word millennial, but every generation for the last 100 years or so [once there was a form of mass media such as newspapers in large numbers this started, just look up the nonsense on the jazz age kids sheesh] has been given a nick name. Any study of a age group will be correct in the macro and false in the micro. But whats your point? You can change it to any word you want,like smurf [but its very telling who you turned it into, daddy issues much?] but it doesn't change anything other then adding more proof over and over again you have no interest in finding solutions to your age groups ills and prefer to blame everyone else and be as sexist and divisive as possible over and over again. This is how you treat people who would be your allies.

I’m getting close to the age you choose and yes was born with a penis and Ive been very sympathetic to younger peoples problems, from occupy, school loan ballooning costs, housing costs etc. when i could hired them etc.

Yet whenever I’ve asked about the issues these were the answers over and over again.

They went to higher education just cause, no thought to really what that meant,or if that was the best idea for them, in other words doing what every one else was ie a generational trend. Refusing to budget to pay back loans and zero effort to really sacrifice [i need that data plan to liiiiiiive] and when i ask ok how much would housing have to be for you to afford it the answers is almost always zero, in other words zero savings.

Again feel free to be snarky but it wont change any of this. If I’m wrong history will out, if I’m right your age group will keep ballooning its debt until your baby boomer parents bail you out by dying and having one of the largest wealth transfers in history.

One of my best friends is a mortgage broker and related this to me last year. That the earliest boomer deaths were starting and that he was for the first time in his career dealing with large number of wealth transfers to millennials or if you hate that word, persons born from 1980 to 2000. He was tearing his hair out, they refused to invest the money, a large number sold the inherited houses and refused to listen to any advice on keeping it and say renting it out to to other people their age desperate for housing, no i want the money not the hassle.

Were not talking stocks or bonds etc nothing. No attempt at earning any dividends or interest. But just around the corner is a new business that give you a car experience like no other, you can rent for thousands a day exotic super cars to drive up island hundreds of miles with a escort car. He showed me selfies of his clients doing so and said that the cars are booked months in advance….

Yet instead at every turn there is a level of hate and spite and wilfulness to just lash out. Instead of finding common ground with older people who had similar experiences in that a lot of these issues have affected the generation before you with the biggest change being a increase in volume up but still the same song.

I’ll do you one better, there is far more sympathy for millennials then there was for Gen x, on all fronts, racially, for sexual differences like gay rights, women rights, drug prohibition and a general sympathy for issues. Don’t believe me? Google or go to a library [a building with books you can read that take over a hour to do so] and for example find old Time issues from the late 80s, then you will know what generational hate is. Hillary Clinton’s super predator comment for example was about gen x black men.

in fact from now on ill use your trick on any article about your age groups problems to turn the word “millennial” to “wall street rich guy” and give it the appropriate level of disdain and ignore it.


Student Debt Crisis 2016: Millennials Regret College Loans, Struggle To Pay Them Back


Student Debt Crisis 2016: wall street brokers Regret College Loans, Struggle To Pay Them Back

So thanks for this trick. Its clear you hate me on principal alone, by the colour of my skin, my age and penis, so i will return the favor, I’m out, i don't care what happens to you. I’m sure you think I’m kidding but i think you just filled the cup, something about this makes really clear to me how you view the world. Thanks for freeing me from giving a fuck just like you.

I can’t wait till the generation Z [I didn't name them that so fuck off] comes of age and starts this with your age group only at a intensity that will be overwhelming.

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