Hi, my name is Matt and I have an addiction.

This is an addiction that many have, but very few are willing to admit to groups of people who are on the outside. I don’t know what it is that draws me back to this, but for some reason I cannot stop.

That’s right. Professional wrestling is my addiction of choice. I watch WWE and have the WWE network. I watch TNA and New Japan pro wrestling. I go to local main event shows held at the local convention centers and high school gyms.

I know why I watched when I was younger. They were fighting and flying all over the place. They were saying things inside that ring that my mom would have slapped my head off my shoulders if I even mumbled.

That was then. What about now?

Am I trying to live vicariously through them? Of course not. It’s fake and I know it. Do I still want to be them? With my knee and shoulder issues, God no.

Then what is it?

I think it is that little piece of childhood we all try to hold on to. Some people collect things, others still play video games, others still play city league sports. Nothing wrong with any of those.

For me, wrestling meant running home a half mile after church on Sunday morning to catch the beginning of the show, because Mom was still chatting with half the church. It meant promising to go to bed early the rest of the week of I could stay up late on Monday night to watch Raw. It meant getting made fun of by my older brother who loved to point out it was fake (and I did not want to believe him).

I will continue to watch. I will watch with my son as he gets older. I will take him to shows. Watching wrestling brought me joy and an escape. It still does. After a hard day of work and the wife and kid both tucked in bed, I still indulge.

It’s not an addiction if you can admit it.


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