Frontend learning platform comparison

Hey, folks! Today I want to share my experience using different frontend focused learning platforms. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Egghead & FM are both good for people who are looking to get an introduction into several new technologies. It targets beginner-intermediate level of knowledge.

Those are subscription based and I would strongly recommend to avoid paying for the whole year. Give it a try first as it might not fit your expectations.

It’s best resources are already available for free to engage you. If you are really interested in it, then get a 1 month access. Provided download feature will allow you to save full courses if needed.

Quality of some videos are poor and content is extremely shallow. Some courses are less informative than 5 mins read of documentation. Also new content appears not so often :(

I would not recommend purchasing subscription.

Refund option:
If someone is interested, they do not provide refund after 30 days. Support contacts are not mentioned, so use need to search for them with google.

This one is much better. It provides good materials and different topics in-depth. Unfortunately, there is no download feature, so you won’t be able to persist materials on your machine.

Keep in mind not all videos are useful. I would say it is 70|30%. Some videos exist to fill lack of content and have no relation to Frontend at all.

Refund option:
f you are not happy with the service (for any reason), you are able to request a full refund. For monthly subscriptions, you have 15 days to cancel and email support to request a full refund. For annual subscriptions, you have 60 days to request a full refund.


I really like Frontend Masters. Consider it if you are a beginner or you want to get familiar with some new technologies by industry professionals.

Would strongly recommend using International prices if you are not in US. You need to get in touch with support and ask for an international price which is much lower than an original one. Both platform support this option.



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