Well, there is not too much new we can write over here to summarize the year, so we promise we’ll be short. We stepped into 2020 thinking it would be a year just like any other, but boy were we in for a surprise. Who would’ve thought, back when we were writing our recap of 2019, that we would experience such drastic change in our lives, and in the lives of our fellow Koders…

All of us went through difficult times this year, especially due to lockdowns and layoffs. However, amidst all the prevailing angst, we witnessed something truly magical…

Hey Koders!

September 15th is finally here, and we’re ready to announce to you the AppyBuilder merge roadmap! 🙂
In case you don’t know already, AppyBuilder is joining forces with Kodular to create a platform more powerful than ever. If you missed it, read the full blog post here: AppyBuilder + Kodular.

In the past few weeks, we’ve been asked a thousand questions about the merger, and today, we would like to lay out all our plans for AppyBuilder and Kodular’s future. More specifically, this blog post will contain all details about Migration of AppyBuilder Projects, AppyBuilder Offline, and AppyBuilder…

Dear fellow Koders,
As you might have noticed, it has been a while since our last major update to Kodular Creator, Kodular 1.3B, and a while longer since we last bumped the version name, Kodular Draco.
And we think we owe you an explanation for this.

Some of you may already have some information about what we are going to tell, as “Google” indexed some results about this and some people found it.

Google has terminated our Google AdSense account.

Yes, that sentence is a summary about everything that has been happening internally. It may be shocking, and we will try to explain everything so that you…

I’m writing this post to thank all the 1 Million people who are using Kodular apps every day! 👏
Yes! We finally reached that amazing milestone yesterday!

This amazing journey, that started out merely as a hobby a few months ago, has grown into something new and great, pushing the limits of simple development.
The platform, initially intended to be a free learning platform to create any kind of app without having to spend months and months learning how to code, has now become much more than that!

I am sure if someone had asked me where we would be…

The year 2018 has almost come to an end and it has been an amazing year for us at Kodular. Not only because it became more than a free-time project, but also because we (both Kodular and us) have grown in several ways.

All of us have matured in several aspects, as running Kodular requires quite a big effort from our side. During these past months, we have learned a lot of things, but the one which is probably the most important is that we had to manage a company remotely.

We, the team of Kodular, don’t have enough words…

Diego Barreiro

Kodular CEO

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