This week’s Interesting Things // June, Week 2

London Agency, BMB, revisits the internet’s first viral phenomenon and teaches us that “sometimes fake news can be a force for good.”

Long hair, DO care. The “School of Life” breaks down our hair obsession with some nicely illustrated storytelling.

Eye candy: Bulgarian street artist “eyebombs” broken things, turning “oh no’s” to LOLs.

Harvard student spits bars for his thesis; graduates with honors. Album streaming link is at the end of the article.

“Working while on vacation is bad for you.” — Scientists. If you’ve got a vacation coming up, you should probably read this.

If you can get past the title “How do you count without numbers?” with your brain still fully intact, you’ll dig this article on how humans came up with numbers and how some cultures function without them.

Chicago-based design firm, Segura, takes simplicity seriously…all the way down to their “work for hire” contracts.

If you’ve got some summer reading time coming up and you’re feeling especially “young, wild and ambitious”, peep these titles and take on the world or just sit on a beach or whatever.

It’s Friday. Enjoy your weekend and the fact that Taylor Swift is now on Spotify.