This week’s Interesting Things // November, Week 2

GPS devices are starting to shrink the part of our brain that handles navigation memory, but these beautiful mental maps could help reverse the damage.

File under “Career Envy:” part of a paperback book cover designer’s job is to reposition a book to reach a wider audience.

Ever suddenly jerked awake as you’re dozing off, feeling like you fell off a cliff? Finally, an explanation.

This article claims modern office life is “turning us into frenzied underachievers” — and shares how just one second can be the key to making a significant change in attention and productivity.

How and why “poet voice” and “empathetic inflection”- also known as “NPR voice” — are taking over the airwaves.

Eye candy for the coffee enthusiast: 10 beautiful coffee-themed Instagram accounts to follow.

Did you see this story about Hank, the dog who trekked over 11 miles by himself to return to his foster mom? TIME has a great follow-up piece on the science behind pets who find their way home.

These kids at Seoul Fashion Week are hipper than you or I could ever hope to be.

You’ve probably been taking gravity for granted, but this video of astronauts falling on the moon will remedy that.