This week’s Interesting Things // April, Week 1

The technology needed to develop silly Snapchat filters is astounding. It’s like using an X-ray machine to make spooky Halloween decorations.

Christine Ha is an award winning chef. She’s also blind. Step into her kitchen and watch how she creates elegant dishes through touch and memory.

Offense > defense. The one behavior that separates successful people from the rest.

Vermont names Alison Bechdel as the state’s 3rd Cartoon Laureate. Quite possibly the raddest title to own.

WARNING: Warm fuzzies coming in hot. Heartwarming story of a Dartmouth College applicant who got a letter of recommendation from his high school’s custodian.

When anyone can flood the world with their opinion, the true experts get drowned out. Are we witnessing the death of the expert’s opinion?

Cool space pics? Cool space pics. Find more here.