This week’s Interesting Things // April, Week 2

GQ’s write up of the Vape God dives deep into the world of one of vaping’s biggest celebrities and showcases his rare ability to manipulate smoke. “The Bane” trick is bonkers.

Running is a pain in the ass to most humans, but recent quantifiable findings of it’s life extending qualities may change attitudes. (I mean fine I’ll do it, but I won’t like it.)

PSA: If you agree to take stock photos for someone, keep ownership of them. This poor guy about had his life ruined by his stock photos and never saw a dime.

Ever wonder how the most powerful international institutions are linked? Check out this cool data visualization of how they’re all connected.

A small agency in Rhode Island imagines and creates renders of what Dubai will look like in 2050. Check out The Verge’s write up on agencies imaging the future.

FEELINGS WARNING: Noticing a terrible wave of anxiety and stress falling over their high school classmates, a small group of students decide to do something about it.

Let’s peep some vintage print ads for school libraries. Bonus segment featuring ads written for classic novels.