This week’s Interesting Things // April, Week 4

How the death of retail is creating a traffic nightmare.

Feeling forgetful? Use the Method of Loci to become an all-star memory athlete.

A map showing every country’s favorite book.

If you’re feeling especially melancholy about “the good old days,” here’s a quick reminder of what life was like 200 years ago (spoiler alert: no Cheetos)

Eye candy: Incredible photos of National Parks from outer space.

There’s something you learned to do at the age of 4 that even a sophisticated robot can’t figure out.

When Gilbert Baker, LGBTQ activist and creator of the iconic rainbow flag passed away, Ogilvy created a typeface to honor him.

A musical weather station, so we can experience musical interpretations of the sun, wind, and waves.

Lastly, if you’re looking to do some good: throw a Gather for Goats dinner party and help buy a goat as a sustainable source of nutrition and hydration for a refugee family.