This week’s Interesting Things // August, week 4

Victor Hugo was on a deadline to write a novel but kept procrastinating and hanging out with his buddies. (“I got SICK at Mario Kart” — Victor Hugo probably). To buckle down, he threw all of his clothes away so that he couldn’t go out in public anymore. It worked. And the world got The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Here’s how his little trick worked.

Here’s a great animated interview of legendary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, talking about “arrogance.” Spoiler alert: He is, but like in a cool way.

Alexa: The peak of human intelligence and technology or the instrument that’s making today’s children (and adults) a bunch of spoiled softies?

Elon Musk and his cronies call for ban on development of autonomous weapons. Michael Bay slowly weeps.

“When you control the internet, you control…INFORMATION!” Interesting read on the powers that control the Internet monopoly.

Eclipses are better content creators than Super Bowls. BONUS ECLIPSE STUFF: Check out these pics from across the US.

Ever wonder which states create the most internet hate? Well wonder no more! Turns out Vermont is good for 2 things: dope ice cream and hatred.

Link of the week: An enterprising German king pin has found a way to consume anything related to Trump and feel good about it.