This week’s Interesting Things // December, week 1

Pictures of Earth from space never get old. Check out some sweet interactive images of Earth from outer space and of the tools that make it possible.

Author and artist, Austin Kleon, gives an interview about using analog tools to help boost your creativity before going to the digital execution.

Legendary Netflix culture creator, Patty McCord, talks about how to practice “radical honesty.” While incredibly helpful, it’s a little more hurtful than what I was hoping for: TMNT hero Michelangelo honestly telling you that you’re radical.

For the non-ADs/CDs in the office, here’s a trick to give your designs and photographs a touch of professionalism. The Rule of Thirds can help make any doofus with a smartphone feel like Ansel Adams.

Research scientists from University of Illinois at Chicago and VU Amsterdam may have uncovered why so many have the propensity to share and believe “fake news.” As my good friend Ray Zalinsky once said, “the next step is washing it off.”

The NCAA refuses to pay the athletes that rake in dough for their respective universities. They claim it’s to protect the integrity of amateur sports, but it may also stem from how much value these athletes actually have.

The Wing’s book store in New York has created a library that’s curated by women, with books by women, for women. If you’re in NYC check out the library in their location in Soho.