This week’s Interesting Things // July, Week 4

There’s an Internet Celebrity Summer Camp for teenagers aspiring to be internet celebrities. I died a little writing this and reading this article.

England’s “No Cost Talk Therapy” leads the charge in providing a new way to look at and treat mental health issues.

Video games have been accused of making people violent and lazy. But now researchers in San Francisco are close to making video games that make you…healthier. Check out this article on the budding industry: “Prescription video games.”

Turns out walk buttons at busy pedestrian crosswalks don’t do jack. They’re basically just dumb fingerprint and germ collectors.

There’s a ghost town in the middle of The Bay. Repeat, there’s a ghost town in the middle of The Bay. Who wants to make the illegal trek there?

When you ask smart designers dumb questions sometimes you get rad answers.

Star Wars fans…hold on to your butts. Disney is opening an immersive Star Wars hotel experience where YOU become part of the story.

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design has added 200 vintage posters from the US’s Golden Age for free download. Full set here.

Check out the psychology of the color red and see which brands attempt to harness red’s power.