This week’s Interesting Things // June, Week 5

We got an XL interesting things email this week since we missed last week.

Red Bull did a photo contest and the winning pics are nuts.

This is a fun read if you want to be scared of everything in your house. Here’s an excerpt: “40,000 people a year are injured by their washing machines.”

Interesting cultural shift. At the beginning of the 20th century, wealth was displayed through the clothes you wore and the accessories you had. A new book demonstrates how today’s wealthy are taking a more subtle approach.

You ever thought, “Wonder what a Ken doll would look like with cornrows?” Well wonder no more and peep this article on Ken’s evolution.

This guy LOVES fountains. And for good reason. He’s created some very iconic ones.

Your feel good story of the week. Kindergartners have awesome reactions to Wonder Woman.

As Facebook reaches an insane 2 billion users per month and the world becomes more divided, they update their mission statement to “bring the world closer together” rather than just being an open platform for connections.

Cool history stuff alert. Peep these telegrams written by some of the world’s greatest writers.

Do you draw circles…like a REAL AMERICAN?! Google analyzed over 50 million sketches and is now able to tell where you’re from by how you draw. Whoa.