This week’s Interesting Things // May, Week 1

Before you dip one chip in guacamole or do that thing where you plug the top and turn your Pacifico upside down to move the lime through the beer, watch this video on the history of Cinco de Mayo…narrated by a famous Greek guy.

Like treasure hunt stories? How about space? Well then you’ll dig the story on this treasure hunt created from space.

Fun fact: Our brains react to threatening information the same way they react to physical threats. Additional “fun” fact in the story: George Washington didn’t have wooden teeth, they were something WAY different.

It pays to be a simple brand. $86B in fact. Bonus feature: The video is set to a real toe tapper.

Ever lay awake at night and think “Why are sloths so slow?” Well here’s your answer. WARNING: Before you eat any guac today you’re gonna want to watch this.

Russian illustrator Nikita Golubev (aka ProBoyNick) transforms Moscow’s dirty vehicles into works of art. They’re fantastic.

And those are some interesting things this week.