This week’s Interesting Things // May, Week 2

First things first: the psychological importance of wasting time.

Scientists just discovered — YInMn Blue — the first new blue pigment discovered in over 200 years. (for those of you hoping to switch careers to “pigment discovery scientist,” sorry to say that it was discovered through a lab accident.)

US life expectancy averages 79 years across the country. But in the fine print, there’s as much as a 20-year variance from county to county.

If the SF housing market ever cools, we just need to steal Australia’s strategy: this $600k house comes with free avocado toast for a year.

Nigel Hayes pens a powerful commencement piece urging players (and everyone else) to find their voice and use it.

Lost your password? No problem, just answer this simple question: Are you as successful as your parents thought you’d be when you were a kid? A writer reimagines “security questions” as “insecurity questions.”

The Infinite Now: mesmerizing cinemagraphs of seascapes by Armand Dijcks.

And in honor of Mother’s Day: 25 famous women on their mothers.