This week’s Interesting Things // November, week 2

Leftovers are being tossed at an alarming rate and it’s doing some major damage to our economy and environment. So next time your about to toss those leftovers, think of what my man Carl Weather’s once said, “throw that in a pot, add some broth, some potato…baby…you got a stew going.”

A good narrative is one of the most tried and true methods to changing someone’s mind. Check out this podcast with psychologist Melanie C. Greene as she describes the 4 secrets to creating persuasive narratives.

Brunch? Good. Hanging with friends? Good. Waiting in line for a millennia to eat eggs? Insane person behavior. But one native New Yorker has discovered a phenomenon to skirt those ridiculous brunch wait times. Behold: the 11:47 Theory

Why don’t women’s jean go all the way to the floor anymore? An investigative report. (2 cents: If you’re buying pants, you should get 100% of the pants. Then you decide where they stop. Jean designers are a bunch of cheapskates.)

Quick questionnaire to figure out your personal dialect map. It’s actually pretty rad.

“It’s the most…cliche…time of the yeeeear.” One copywriter pens a therapeutic article about all the cliche phrases she must battle every year around Christmas time.

“We live in a society which sees high self-esteem as a proof of well-being, but we do not want to be intimate with this admirable and desirable person.” Check out this interesting how-to guide on being alone.

Ever wonder what atmospheric nuclear missile testing looks like? Well here you go.

We all really do live in a bubble. There’s an accidental manmade shield around Earth. Check out how it got there.

A fundraiser in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Harvey Milk becoming the first openly gay elected official in California reached it’s $60,000 goal yesterday. Check out the tribute video of Harvey Milk’s legendary life.