This week’s Interesting Things // October, Week 2

BREAKING: Planet Earth is back! And the trailer kind of amazing.

Google has released a fact-checking feature that’s intended to help people see if the news is actually true.

Timberland’s new footwear and bag collection is made entirely out of recycled bottles. The ‘Land’s eco-friendly manufacturing partner, Thread, will be employing people from developing countries like Haiti to produce the new line.

Chuck E. Cheese is going gluten-free and swapping tokens for rewards cards to attract Millennial mom and dads.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School have grown a full-sized, beating human heart using stem cells. This is the closest we’ve been to growing transplantable organs in a lab.

Americans aren’t taking vacations. In fact, nearly 170 million haven’t had a vacay in the last 12 months. To help solve the HR nightmare of unused PTO days, PTO Exchange allows companies to buy back their employees’ unused PTO in exchange for a wide variety of benefits, like helping pay off student loans.

Facebook has announced that its Slack competitor, Workplace, has gone live this week. The sales pitch? Your employees know our platform and we’re cheaper.