This week’s Interesting Things // September, week 1

Straight to the links.

Turns out collecting №2’s from elite athletes could make us all #1.

When your body goes into autopilot your mind soars (MAN THAT’S A GOOD LINE.). Check out this talk on how doing mundane tasks can lead to great ideas.

Elon Musk says advertising is stupid and some big brands are listening. Elon’s clearly never been to Cannes before. Nevertheless, he’s got an interesting perspective that’s worth checking out.

Phenomenal piece on striking the right balance between giving advice and just being present.

Bryan Cranston channeled his past to give the world the gift of Walter White. Here’s a somewhat hilarious and somewhat dark interview with the man who made Breaking Bad what it is.

Hate trite inspirational quotes set against a fading sunset? Then you’ll love this un-inspirational Instagram account.

Couple eats at every Cracker Barrel in the US and puts every accomplishment you’ve ever had to shame.

UPLIFTING NEWS: Say hello to the United States’ 6th branch of the armed forces: The Cajun Navy. A fleet of volunteers using their own boats to help out with Hurricane Harvey relief.