This week’s Interesting Things // September, week 3

Straight to the links:

PepsiCo’s chip division has created a monsterorganic Doritos. I say “keep your health out of my synthetic cheesy goodness, Pepsi”. (Available soon at Whole Foods. I’ll buy some probably.)

Fun photo series from Norwegian photographer, Johanna Siring. She took portraits of strangers then kissed them and took another portrait. I tried this in the early aughts and was met with different results.

Silicon Valley is obsessed with “hustle” so much so that Lyft publicly praised a driver for picking up riders WHILE SHE WAS IN LABOR. The New York Times digs into the absurd reaches of Silicon Valley’s “hustler” mindset.

Is a continuously balanced life really what we should be seeking? Or is it more about re-evaluating your life every once in awhile and making corrections along the way?

Drummer Greg Ellis is on a crusade to get people to think about music in the same way people think about food. What’s the music you listen to made from? What are the ingredients? He posits most of the music we listen to today is “McDonald’s” music and there’s one major reason why.

A heartwarming story in the midst of the hurricane disasters that struck the US last week. A couple, named Harvey and Irma, celebrate 75 years together and bring a little levity to a dire situation.

You ever wonder what happens to the animals in zoos when a disaster strikes their area? Well wonder no more.

PUN ALERT: Journalist Joe Berkowitz dives head first into the world of competitive punning. He remarked that his time spent competitively punning was “punbelievable.”

“Hey, what’s in this stuff?” “Who cares? LOOK HOW COOL THE CANS ARE!”

- everyone in America’s take on LaCroix apparently. (Sidenote: Look at you Yahoo getting into the shareable content game. Good for you guy.)