This week’s Interesting Things // September, Week 4

During the Korean War, US Marines were engaged in battle, stranded due to car trouble and fresh out of ammo. They called for a supply drop of bullets and found themselves with an unlikely rescuer… yep, you guessed it, the Tootsie Roll.

Most schools with McScrooge money choose to outsource their money management to experienced fund managers who can demonstrate solid returns. Harvard, on the other hand, has the Harvard Management Company — a 200 person in-house hedge fund they created to manage the school’s uuuuge $35.7B endowment. The problem? Harvard lost $2B this past fiscal year. That’s a 5% loss of capital for a school fund that’s been underperforming for years. Oh, and HMC just hired their 4th CEO in the past 11 years. We know you’re Harvard, but maybe it’s time to turn things over to the seasoned professionals.

San Francisco Appreciation Week is upon us, and these little-known fun facts about The City By The Bay will surprise even the most die-hard SF natives. My favorite? The Old Ship Saloon was one of many saloon locations that were built, literally, out of abandoned ships that were once moored along the shore. In fact, there are so many abandoned ships buried under downtown that a Muni tunnel actually passes right through one.

Hey, you. You’re punny, right? Well here’s an insider look at the world of pun competitions, and why humor theorists generally agree that comedy hinges on incongruity.

Music, especially pop music, is based on patterns. The “Millennial Whoop” has taken over the pop and EDM music scene in recent years, and is present in more songs than you’d ever guess. This begs the question, is music an art or a science?

Healthcare provider, Aetna, is now subsidizing the price of an Apple Watch for many customers as part of its wellness reimbursement plan (cash back for exercising, essentially). As part of the agreement, Aetna will also create multiple health apps for the iPhone and iPad set to be released early next year. While this isn’t the first time a major healthcare provider has used wearables for insurance purposes, the sheer magnitude of this program puts Aetna in a league of its own. This should also help Apple market the watch as a fitness device, boosting sales in the process.

Want to try the hottest potato chip in the world? The Carolina Reaper Madnesschip is so spicy that it’s individually packaged in a red pouch, bearing the outline of the grim reaper. The single chip will cost you $5, but, we’re guess you won’t want to go back for seconds.