This week’s Interesting Things (with bonus features) // August, week 3

Sike. Bonus features are just more cool links because we haven’t posted one of these out in a couple weeks.

To the links:

The battle between being introverted or extroverted rages on. But what if there’s another side. The extroverted introvert?

Geneticist, Jimmy Lin, has made a breakthrough in early cancer detection. Check out his talk on what he figured out and how.

NatGeo serves up the best eye candy. Check out the winning photos of the 2017 Travel Photographer of the Year contest.

Newest industry on millennials’ hit list: Laundromats.

Will Smith is old and Jeff Goldblum is just chilling on all that money. That means Earth needs new protectors. NASA is looking for you.

God, the Creative Director, gets client feedback on Earth_v1.pdf presentation.

There are real companies taking real money from real people to build bad ass nuclear fallout shelters. Check them out.

Are you a jerk? This philosopher breaks down the “concept of jerkitude” to help you identify if you’re a jerk or not. (SPOILER: we’re all kinda jerks sometimes, but the breakdown is fun to read.)

The world was blessed with Hip Hop 44 years ago. Spotify created the ultimate Hip Hop playlist for the celebration. I haven’t listened to the whole thing, but I’m pretty sure Tune is on here.

Turns out going to the beach to get a sick sunburn isn’t just something we enjoy, we may actually be drawn to water psychologically.

Would love to get Patrick Bateman’s take on this photo series of zany, creative business cards.

Jim Carrey paints through his emotional pain and turns out he’s good as shit at it. Check out the recent video of him talking about his passion for colors.

SOLAR ECLIPSE IS ON MONDAY. Find out how it could be a life changing event.