Ultra Labs Keto

Mary Barrett
Apr 25 · 5 min read

You’re here because you saw an ad for Ultra Diet Labs Keto Pills, right? Did that ad mention things about Ultra Diet Labs being featured on Shark Tank? If so, that ad probably wasn’t accurate. (Disclaimer, we don’t watch every episode of the show.) But you’re here looking for more accurate information before you buy, right? Today we’ll be discussing all there is to know about Ultra Diet Labs Keto, including information about the ingredients, side effects, best price, coupons, discounts and the (not) free trial program.

But before we get to far into our review, let’s talk about what this and other keto pill products can do for you while you’re on the keto diet. That’s the main caveat with these pills is that you need to be following the keto diet religiously if you want to get results. If you’re eating carbs left and right, you won’t be getting any kind of benefits from using these pills. All that said, we do think that you can get benefits, especially when you use our number one recommended keto pill. If you’re ready to take the plunge, click the link below. You’ll get exclusive access to an online discount you can’t find anywhere else. Click the link to get started!


Ultra Diet Labs Keto Review | Initial Thoughts

Not all keto pills are created equally. In order to get an edge against other products, companies will add in the biggest buzzword ingredients available to make their product more marketable. Do those ingredients end up getting you more results? A lot of times, the answer is a resounding no.

Will Ultra Diet Labs pills get you results? The jury is still out. After looking at a few of the ingredients, it’s certainly possible to get results if you stick with it and stick with the keto diet while you’re using it. That said, the ingredients aren’t all keto-specific. We’ll show you what we mean in the next segment on Ultra Diet Keto Ingredients.

Ultra Diet Labs Keto Ingredients | Good? Bad?

The good ingredients in Ultra Diet Labs Keto all revolve around a popular ingredient called BHB, or betahydroxybutyrate. This ingredient is pivotal to ketosis, and provides users energy they use for all their bodily functions.

The three BHB-centered ingredients include;

1. Magnesium BHB

2. Calcium BHB

3. Sodium BHB

4. MCT Oil

5. Raspberry Ketone

While we’re not sure how the BHB is stabilized with the three minerals, we think that they’ll be in some type of salt. The MCT oil is a common keto ingredient, so we’re glad to see that one. The Raspberry Ketone ingredient is a divisive one, with a lot of conflicting opinions about it online.

The non keto related ingredients in the supplement include;

1. Garcinia

2. Green Tea Leaf

These two really don’t have a home in a keto supplement, so we’re surprised to see them included. That said, they are both enormously popular in the weight loss world, so we might give them a pass. The only concern we have is with the caffeine content in the green tea leaf. Depending on how much is present in the formula, it might leave users jittery. Furthermore, if you’re ever curious about making you own keto snacks, make sure to read this DIY keto snack article.

Ultra Diet Labs Keto Side Effects

Because of the laundry list of ingredients, it can be hard to nail down potential side effects for Ultra Die Labs Keto pills. While we could sit here an speculate, our best advice is to talk with your doctor. They’ll be able to tell you what to watch out for. Or, at the very least, be able to get back to you with better information than we can give here.

If you’re currently experiencing any health issues, or if you’re currently taking any kind of supplements or medications, it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor before you start any kind of new supplement — Ultra Diet Labs Keto included.

Ultra Diet Labs Best Price

The best price for Ultra Diet Labs, in our experience, has been through their trial program. The trial program, which we’ll talk more about in the next segment, is great for people who want to try the product but who are hesitant about buying the product straightaway.

While we are slightly disappointed there isn’t an option to buy the product without going through the trial, we’re optimistic that there will be a new trial option eventually.

Ultra Diet Labs Coupons

Because Ultra Diet Labs Keto is only available via the trial, there probably won’t be any coupons beyond the discount you get through the company itself.

Because it’s a small, online-only company we doubt that situation will change anytime soon.

Ultra Diet Labs Trial Program

The trial program for Ultra Diet Labs is one that we’ve seen many times over. It’s a 14 day trial (with four of those days accounting for shipping time) where you pay an initial amount to pay for shipping. At the end of the trial, you’ll be billed for that first bottle and then be enrolled a monthly autoship program.

That autoshipment program makes it easy to get your monthly bottle, but also charges you the full price for each bottle monthly.

As of right now, the price per bottle in the US is $92.55 with free shipping. That price may vary for people outside of the United States.

Ultra Diet Labs Keto Review | Final Thoughts

While there are certain things we like about Ultra Diet Labs Keto, there are some that we’re not super into. The biggest downside for this supplement is that it’s using a few non-keto-specific ingredients in Garcinia and Green Tea Leaf. Depending on your affinity for those two, you might want to avoid this one altogether.

Regardless, you’ll be happy to know that we have a hot new keto product with and exclusive online discount and it’s only available to our readers!

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Best of luck in your weight loss adventures. We know you can do it!