Unplugging is underrated

When’s the last time you unplugged? And I mean really unplugged. No phones. No television. No social media. No distractions.

The other week I noticed myself being way too attached to Instagram. To the point where I checked it about 13 times in one day. I decided it was time to take a break from it. My break lasted a whole 7 days, which is a bit disappointing. But more importantly, what did I learn in those 7 days?

To actually live in the moment and pay attention to my surroundings. Too many times I’m on the train commuting to work glued to my phone. And so is everyone else around me. But it doesn’t make it right because none of us are actually present.

Unplugging is easier said than done of course. But it is the only way to stay levelheaded. What did I actually miss in those 7 days while I was off Instagram? Other than a dog meme, some really ridiculously good looking food or Kylie Jenner’s latest lip shade… Nothing. I missed nothing.

What do I miss when I have my head down on the train? Maybe a smile from a stranger or the view of the Charles river as I pass by on the train home. Most importantly I miss the true beauty of living in the moment.

Believe it or not there is such thing as mindful commuting. For example, Headspace, is basically a meditation tool to use as a break at work, while you’re commuting or just in your downtime. I’ve also recently started listening to a podcast called ‘Nocturne’ by Vanessa Lowe and Kent Sparling to pass the time too, without being glued.

After staring at screens for about 8 hours, 5 days a week, I really need to relax my mind (and eyes). We’re constantly being bombarded by messages. Sometimes we just need the quietness of the wind or the sun shining down on us to feel grounded again.

That being said, New Year’s Eve resolutions are cliché. No one ever said you have to wait until January 1 to make a change. I aim to stay off Instagram for a whole week, maybe more, every month and to spend more time off my phone and in the moment.

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