Design Thinking-Inspired Activities for Home Use, in the COVID19 Moment

What Now? What Next? Featured Image. Picture of a pink cross on white background.
What Now? What Next? Featured Image. Picture of a pink cross on white background.

Like many of you I’ve been thinking a lot about how the CV19 situation will change aspects of our day-to-day lives. This has hit home for friends, families and foes, and we are all impacted in different ways.

  • Will this accelerate new industry innovations?

At the outset of the stay at home orders in March I tried to internalize and think objectively about the uncertainty ahead.

The social fabric is changing. It’s important to me to find some way of…

Disclaimer: Some of what I’m about to say here doesn’t really apply if time is NOT on your side — or a hard and fast market driven deadline is staring you in the face.

I’m going to propose some ideas here that are controversial but that’s ok, hopefully the discussion and the end result will be worth it. This also might challenge some of the notions you have about Running Lean, or Lean methodologies, and that’s ok too. …

UX Discovery and Early Requirements Gathering

I tend to look at product development as moving along two tracks.

  1. Path-finding, where fewer competitors exist and there is more room to blaze a trail with emerging technology or new solutions — or

Regardless of what track you’re on however, as you approach a problem space you’ll choose to use some of the tools from the discovery section of your…

A one-page framework for thinking about product design

About the “canvas” worksheet

There have been a handful of variations of the “canvas” that have popped up over the last couple of years and I owe a huge thank you to Alex Osterwalder, Alan Smith, Gregor Bernarda, Trish Papadokas, Yves Pigneur and I’m sure others that I’m neglecting but is a great resource to explore on this topic.

This post will outline my adaption and use of what I’ve taken to calling the Experience Model Canvas–a one-page framework for capturing and illustrating the core elements of the experience or product you’re looking to create. …

Integrating UX with Agile software development teams is a challenge facing many companies. The “lean approach” or the “MVP” or continuous integration — whatever it is you call it — at the end of the day the goal is often to move fast, learn quickly and course correct and not lose sight of your goal to release a product customers find desirable.

One of the biggest challenges I see frequently is the alignment between the cadence of design teams and the development team. This is true wether you are producing a physical or a digital product. Both teams need lead…

Barrett Kenney

Director of Interaction Design, UX Architect - Nike Enterprise Strategy. Runner, Skier and Disc Jockey.

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