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You have your right to freedom of speech. You do not have the right to a religious form of government.

You want to pray to your god, fine but when you force people to live the way your book demands you are out of bounds with the law of the US.

My kids eat pork in school. You have the right to not eat pork. You do not have the right to ban pork because it is against your theocracy.

You want to be a heritic, fine. You could just move to a Muslim country and 90% of your problems are solved. You don’t have to live with people who refuse to be sucked into your strangle hold on life.

You want to live like a troll, fine but don’t attempt to force every one else to live like you.

That’s the thing you losers fail to understand about the US. We don’t have to be Muslims, that’s a big part of what this country is.

Pray to your god and get out of my life.

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