Art: Dwight Elliston
Art: Dwight Elliston
Art: Dwight Elliston

Adolf Hitler’s Thoughts on the Redskins

Adolf Hitler adored the American story, especially of its dominance. He took a particular pride in the idea that European settlers (whom he characterized as “Nordics”) won “in the struggle in North America against the Red Indians.” In 1928, the fiery Nazi leader acknowledged his admiration for how white settlers “gunned down the millions of redskins to a few hundred thousand.”

It is accurate that millions of Native Americans perished at the hands of white domination in the Western hemisphereperhaps, even more died from exposure to European-borne diseases. …

I stand by what I said that All Lives Matter and that we are human beings.

― Richard Sherman, 2016

#BlackLivesMatter doesn’t mean your life isn’t important if you aren’t black — it means that Black lives, which are seen without value within White supremacy, are important.

― Alicia Garza, 2014

When former Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman expressed his universal value for human life, doubling down on his point that “All Lives Matter,” I tried to root for him, thinking that I understood where he was coming from. Maybe he was trying to say something profound yet reasonable: that Black…

My Students’ Call to Action

“I like history, but sometimes I feel like you could be more concrete as a teacher — like, just tell us the facts, just what happened,” complained a young Black student in my world history class.

“If history were concrete, history would only show us in chains. History should be about constantly breaking down and pulverizing the ‘concrete,’ so that we actually exist — in our fuller truth,” I responded.

Robert E. Lee Monument in Richmond, Virginia
(Credit: Reddit, Alexis Delilah)


Over the years, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching history, but I spend a great deal of my time being frustrated. It is disheartening when…

(Credit - Dwight Elliston)

First History Lesson

I didn’t know the difference between the Stars and Stripes — and the cross and stars.

I was 7 or 8 years old when I had my first real history lesson. The lesson I never forgot. The lesson I have been too embarrassed to talk about — until now.

The lesson that made me woke.

It was late Spring 1978 or 1979.

My mother took me downtown to the Smithsonian area where we visited the Air and Space Museum. A decade earlier, she herself had landed at Washington National Airport. Traveling alone, a 34-year-old Jamaican mother of…

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