Understanding the “Pump”

My job as a personal trainer involves educating clients. Whether it’s the reasoning behind our programming, why we do certain exercises, why we work on posture, etc. Education goes beyond the exercises themselves, but also goes into current pop culture and the lingo of the gym.

On this installment of Client Chronicles, I educated one of my clients about, “The Pump.”

Me: Are you getting a good pump in?
Client X: What’s a pump?
Me: A pump is an adjective and it usually applies in the gym setting. A pump is what you describe a good feeling within your muscles. Usually, muscles that you are targeting in an exercise.
Client X: Got it.

Before we started our workout finisher for the day, I asked Client X if they wanted to go lighter on the weights and Client X’s response to it was,

Client X: No, I’m in the pump.

I think my client confused “the pump” to in “the zone.”

I will just save that lingo for next session.

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