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How long will it take those in coal country to realize that Trumpolini hasn’t opened a single coal mine, that his entire schtick is lies to appeal to bigotry and fear? Rural whites respond with much saliva to this crap, but as the economy does not respond to their concerns, and the GOP does what it can to pull their healthcare out from under them, will they suddenly realize that their concerns are being addressed by the Bernie faction of the Democratic Party?

Healthcare, higher wages, policies which will keep mfg jobs here… vote Democratic, fools! This is embarrassing for me, as I’m from WV.

Coal is dead, obsolete. What I would like to see Appalachians demanding is that solar panel factories be located in coal areas, to replace the lost coal jobs. Is that too much to ask, after this country’s economic system (= corporations) have screwed Appalachian people for generations, destroyed the environment, wrecked towns, ravaged the culture and economy?

When the people in coal country come to their senses, that’s what they’ll be demanding, instead of cheering for Orange Hitler and believing that their problems were caused by Democrats and immigrants.